Wow… Honestly mate, this is a a terrific analogy paired with great emotive expression. You paint such a vivid picture of what reality is like for an individual living on the other side of the globe, which is something that is never captured in the mainstream media when crisis unfolds.

The entire state I live in, New South Wales, Australia, was recently decalred 100% in drought. Our whole agricultural industry — all of the farmers — suffered badly, having to kill a lot of livestock and go into debt to keep afloat. Now moving into Summer the fear is bush fires. I’m part of the Rural Fire Service, my old man is actually the captain of my town’s brigade. A lot of senior fire fighters are worried about the coming arid conditions and the potential for a repeat of the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires of 2009 wherein 173 people died. It’s so interesting that people live in two different countries yet we experience the same pensiveness and fear for our communities being threatened by natural disasters. It shows that were all very much alike. Peace.


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