I really enjoyed this my friend. Brilliantly articulated and accurate commentary on the work Nietzsche.

I’m interested in understanding how the benefit of suffering through adversity can be conveyed to someone who has been coddled from birth into adulthood – a phenomenon that seems to be increasingly prevalent throughout much of the developed world. I feel as if seeing the value in becoming the camel and building a value-set of a lion strong enough to withstand the dictates of society is largely dependant on people first realising their innate potential. I’ve found skill acquisition, academic rigour and physical training to be primary catalysts for this self-realisation. But for one who isn’t ticking any of these boxes, how can they come to understand the utility of overcoming adversity and hardship? In a society that puts onus on comfort and convenience over all else, would it not be easier for such individuals to sink further into a mindset of instant gratification?


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