I feel your sentiment Caitlin, beautifully put although a difficult truth to face up to as you indicate… We Australian’s like to pretend that we’re over achievers and punch above our weight on the international stage but the reality is the exact opposite. From climate action, to drugs, to our treatment of refugees, to our treatment of the first people who walked this land, we have a lot to answer for as a a country that has experienced 27 years of consecutive economic growth. I feel as if the country’s revolving leadership is indicative of the insidious issues that lurk unchallenged in the shadows of our society. Painful as it might be, we need to have a strong hard look at ourselves and reevaluate, who we are as a country, what we value, and what we should be striving towards as a collective. Peace.


Here to share some words | Hopeful idealist | Samurai who smells of sunflowers |

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