Hi Tony thanks for writing, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Very well articulated. Yes, we are beginning to see the foreboding words of famous thinkers and futurists manifest themselves at an alarming rate. I’m often caught between feeling both great optimism and pessimism in relation to our recent advancements. Pessimistic because in many ways we are still innately flawed by our ape like psyche. This could prove disastrous when the tools we create allow us to dictate reality in unprecedented ways. Optimistic because these same tools if used sensibly could be used to transcend these biological shortcomings. Glad to see a depiction of Musk that reflects what the man has said he stands for if only people took the time to listen and read his work. You will not see this justified description in the mainstream media (something that I’ve covered in a recent article here if you’re interested). Again, thanks for writing. I look forward to reading more 👍🏻

Here to share some words | Hopeful idealist | Samurai who smells of sunflowers |

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