Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to read and for sharing your thoughts. To answer your first question in regards to how the money for a UBI could be generated, I will direct you to the second article in this series as I have already answered this (which you can read here). Second I disagree that a UBI would be a system that encourages dependence and helplessness. In my eyes it has the potential to empower individuals and reformulate our appreciation of paid work. Of course it would be a problem if a UBI scheme was just rolled out without appropriate instruction as to why individuals were receiving this income. Will there be some freeloaders that exploit the money given to them? Almost definitely. But these same people exploit the current system we have in place. Furthermore giving the masses a financial buffer that accounts for their fundamental needs would free people to pursue other interests that presently our society does not monetarily recognise as being worth anything (community work, raising a family or creative pursuits for example).

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