Hi there Ryan thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts. ‘The Joyful Fatalist’ actually has a nice ring to it, cheers!

I feel like you might have misconstrued a few of my points but I see where you’re coming from. Yes, freelance work may prove lucrative IF you work hard, sacrifice a lot and just happen to have some luck. And you’re also correct in saying that monetarily this might only be feasible for a short period of time. But what writing in this format does for me is force me to articulate my ideas in the most accessible yet compelling way possible and to have my ideas challenged. I can think of no better skill that can prepare an individual for this new cycle of learning/relearning that I’ve highlighted than an embedded practise of reflective writing, debate and discussion (with thoughtful readers such as yourself). And no it is not reasonable to expect a 60 year old to learn new skills and compete against a 25 year old at their prime — but unfortunately this is the world we are entering into.


Here to share some words | Hopeful idealist | Samurai who smells of sunflowers |

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