Hi there Kitanya, thanks for writing a timely and poignant piece. Unfortunately this seems to be a global trend that has infected the majority of Western democracies, although admittedly the situation in the US is the most extreme example. Here in Australia we are suffering from the same concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite at the same time that the financial flooring is being taken from underneath those who need it most. 27 years of consecutive economic growth we have had here. 27 years. And yet still the indigenous people who first walked this land are living in third world conditions. I hang my head in shame that many ordinary Australian’s can’t contemplate the historical trauma associated with having one’s lands taken from them, their children stolen and their culture subjugated. Even with the internet and our new access to boundless information, more so than ever it’s a race to the top that motivates our collective actions rather than progressing forward together. We need to be doing better. Peace.

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