Hi there Ava. Thanks so much for reading.

Geez that is a tough one! In terms of pure technique/achievement I would have to say Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson. In my eyes he’s been the best true mixed martial artist in terms of utilising each style and making them work together seamlessly. In terms of philosophy about what martial arts is and what it means to be a fighter I am a massive fan of George St Pierre. His attitude towards fighting resonates really strongly with my own. He has done so much for the sport in terms of showing that fighters can be articulate, passionate and have myriad interests. My favourite fight of all time was Robbie Lawler vs Rory Mcdonald, the heart and respect that both men showed was truly incredible.

I think something can be gained by looking at all fighter. Martial arts reveals so much about character and the human condition. It was a big part of my life during my earlier years and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. It’s made me a better person. Peace.


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