Hi Stephen. Thanks for reading and reaching out. Your idea of free income comes across as really appealing. The contrast between an unconditional income and an unlimited income is a very interesting distinction to make. I’m interested in UBI for three primary reasons. The first is that it has the potential to change the way we appreciate paid work. I think that instead of placing so much value on doing work that has a monetary value we need to reeavaluate work in terms of more human considerations (what it contributes to society, if it makes peoples life better, if it does no harm). The second is that wealth generated from the resources of the planet that we live on ought to be distributed more equally, and in this sense UBI could act as something akin to a sovereign wealth fund. Finally a UBI would provide financial security to people during a time of unprecedented technological and societal change.

As the idea of free income satisfies all three of these concerns (I’m also interested to see how your idea would tackle the issue of taxes and public debt) I’ll be sure to read your piece and share my thoughts. Peace.


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