Hi Ricardo. Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the lack of concrete numbers or figures showing what could potentially unfold once a UBI is implemented is definitely an impediment. The problem is that no theoretical simulation or amount of numbers will presently be able to account for the unknown factors that may arise when a UBI is implemented in the real world. In my eyes, this is the very reason why we need to trial such schemes on a larger scale – to see what works and what doesn’t. I agree with you on your point about our society’s relationship with paid work, indeed this is at the crux of the matter. We currently view the debate on UBI through the lens of past generations. The importance of paid work and it’s connection to security and prosperity was a vital component of the post-war, post-Great Depression psyche because people lacked resources and were considerably poorer. We will need to reformulate this perspective as we enter into a new and uncertain era characterised by momentous shifts in the labor market.


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