Hi Odin. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Yes I completely agree, progress requires micro and macro level processes to be working in sync.

A poignant example of this is what’s happening here in the state of New South Wales Australia. Recently there’s been mounting pressure for the major supermarkets to ban plastic bags. A small but vocal minority complained when Coles, the second largest supermarket, caved to this pressure. Coles has since reversed their decision and returned to distributing plastic bags.

It is not the major supermarkets or government that we should be blaming for this. It’s a fundamental lack of individual responsibilty that’s been caused by convenience and comfort. If everyone took their own shopping bags to the store as is the case in other states and elsewhere overseas, this would not even be an issue. Changing society starts with what you as an individual can do right now. But this is something that we as a collective do not emphasise enough. Peace.


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