Hi Jamie, thanks for taking the time to highlight these nuances. I was hoping by writing this I would attract someone that actually works in the field that would be able to scrutiny what the article raised.

As I flagged within the second paragraph, I am not a medical practioner or a molecular biologist and therefore I know I will be missing some crucial points that to an expert might appear glaring. But as someone that wants to gain as impartial an understanding on an issue as possible, I can only turn to scientific peer reviewed papers to try and grasp this. (As a scientist yourself I’m sure you’re familiar with the strenuous process that is actually required to get any research off the ground and into the public domain.)

All I ask is that you yourself now write an article addressing these issues, that an average educated person can read, understand and turn into healthy behavior change. For example why not explain and give evidence for why you eat one meal a day? What’s the rationale? I personally wish to know more about the processes behind BDNF signalling that takes place during fasting.

The problem is that WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU to write articles that provide actionable advice that people can implement in their everyday life and yet these are seldom forthcoming from academics/researches in the field.

So please, don’t just write a comment on someones page and feel justified that you put someone in their place but disseminate your knowledge to the public. It is your duty as an intellect. Thanks again. Peace.


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