Hi Alec thanks for writing. I’m a little worried about you mate, are you doing ok? It just seems as if you have adopted a rather pessimistic tone in your writing lately. I agree that people shouldn’t be disillusioned by the odds of ‘making’ it but not all of us are purely out to become famous or generate a living from writing. For myself it is a scaffolding for the development of ideas. The process of writing makes you into a better thinker and this is a big motivator for me. Plus if you enjoy writing the chances are it is going to aid you in whatever vocation it is you choose to pursue. If we alleviate the expectations we place on ourselves and enjoy the process of writing, it doesn’t become an onerous and seemingly impossible task, but rather an outlet for our creative energies. It is our chance to contribute to a broad pool of human knowledge (and maybe make a better of money and generate a following along the way). Thanks for writing.


Here to share some words | Hopeful idealist | Samurai who smells of sunflowers |

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