Hey Soul Dancer, Thanks for taking the time to read. I empathise with you as the citizen of a fellow island! Here in Australia unbeknownst to most our recycling is exported to China were it is meant to be receycled. We are only just now finding out that our rubbish sits in massive heaps still unrecycled, and that China is now refusing to keep this deal up. I don’t blame them either, a country as wealthy as Australia should have the indigenous capacity for recycling our basic waste.

But yes, I used our abuse of plastic to highlight this wider trend of succumbing to convienence and comfort. Big pharma is another perfect example. It’s in our nature to want an easy fix and the mainstream medical establishment promotes the idea that you can take a pill and not address the underlying issues causing your illnes. I always draw on the analogy of someone troubled with a rock in their shoe. You don’t take a prescribed opioid to num the pain of the rock. You take the damn thing out of your shoe. Peace.


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