Education for Employment’s Sake

When education becomes the means to an end

“Childhood and youth are no time to get an education. They are the time to get ready to get an education. The most that we can hope for from these uninteresting and chaotic periods of life is that during them we shall be set on the right path, the path of realizing our human possibilities through intellectual effort and aesthetic appreciation. The great issues, now issues of life and death for civilisation, call for mature minds.”

Education has become the means to an end when once it was an end in itself.

“The fear of losing one’s job, the necessity of being somebody in a crowded and clamorous world, the terror that old age will not be secured, that your children will lack opportunity — there are a thousand terrors which arise out of the unorganized and unstable economic system under which we live. These are not terrors which can be blown away by criticism; they will go only when society is intelligent enough to have made destitution impossible, when it secures opportunity to every child, when it establishes for every human being a minimum of comfort below which he cannot sink. Then a great amount of social hesitancy will disappear. Every issue will not be fought as if life depended on it, and mankind will have emerged from a fear economy.”

In our present-day fear economy characterised by the casualization of the labour force, growing precarity and bullshit jobs, education is portrayed as the way to wealth and security by businesses masquerading as higher education institutes.

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